These pages document some projects that I have taken on in my free time. Mostly this is for myself, to write down my way of thinking in these projects, but it might be of some interest and inspiration to others as well.

One thing in particular that I hope transpires through from the different projects, is that you can do nice things with relatively little in the way of tools. Most projects here were completed using hand tools, small power tools, and some space outside.

Living in a terraced house at the outside of a small city, I don’t have access to a shed or garage to work in. Also, having two small children, I don’t have lots of continuous time to work on the projects; the work is mostly done in 2-hour blocks, either in the middle of the day, or in the evenings when the children are asleep and the household chores are done.

The key to completing these projects has mostly been the ability to divide the work in small chunks that can be completed in the short time intervals available, so that there is always a feeling that a part has been completed, and that there continues to be progress.